1. How long is the program?

Stronger as a Mom is a “move at your own pace” program. It is made up of 6 sessions total. Each session encourages at least 3 workouts a week. Each session is designed to last anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on how you are healing and if the exercise is feeling hard or easy for you.

2. How will I know when I can progress to the next session?

There are quizzes at the end of each session for you to take to help you determine if you are ready to move on to the next session.

3. How soon after having my baby can I start the program?

The program is designed for you to begin reading through “the Basics” section and focusing on your breathwork and pelvic floor at day 1 postpartum. We recommend waiting to begin the actual modules after getting medical clearance from your physician.

4. Is this program for women who had a c-section or vaginal birth?

Both! The program is designed for both types of birth.

5. What equipment do I need to begin the program?

We recommend light to medium dumbbells, resistance bands, and a floor mat. If you do not have one of these items, you can still do the program.

6. What does a typical workout look like?

Each workout will consist of a mobility warm-up, pelvic floor exercises, core exercises, and then either a lower body, upper body, or full body component. All also end with pelvic floor relaxation. They are designed to be able to be performed all together at once or broken up throughout the day based off your time. Each workout is designed to take 30 minutes or less.

7. How can I have quick and easy access to the program to save time?

We highly recommend starting by downloading the app, Teachable on your phone or tablet. Log in from the app and you will be able to begin the program directly from where you left off. We also recommend printing off the handouts for each day and session for you to follow along with the videos.

8. Will this program help me get my pre-baby body back?

This program IS NOT designed for moms to lose weight or get their “pre-baby bodies back.” We are designed as a postpartum exercise program to help strengthen the full body including the core and pelvic floor to assist in reducing the risk of the common conditions seen postpartum such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and diastasis recti. Some women may experience some weight-loss doing the program but that is not the primary focus.

9. I had a baby years ago; Will this program still work for me?

Absolutely! This program is designed for all women whether you just had a baby or are 20+ years postpartum. We believe all women can benefit from this program.

10. What do I do if I feel pain or my symptoms getting worse?

We recommend you stop the program Immediately and contact your medical provider. This program is general information only and you may require in-person treatment.