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Programs designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy that specialize in Pelvic Floor Therapy treating pregnancy, postpartum and pelvic pain daily.

Why Web Pelvic Health?

Web Pelvic Health was formed by 3 Doctors of Physical Therapy with a combined 30+ years of experience specialized in the treatment and care of pelvic floor dysfunctions after they had been told many times by patients “why doesn’t everyone know about this?”. They decided that they wanted to be able to reach a larger audience to be able to provide online educational resources to be able help more people.  

There are many programs and options out there, but the largest difference is that these programs were developed by Doctors of Physical Therapy. With their experience in treating and caring for people with urinary leaking, diastasis recti, prenatal and postpartum conditions, pelvic pain, and weakness.

They are excited to start with their first program Stronger as a Mom that focuses on postpartum strengthening and education and are looking forward to expand into other programs. 

About Stronger as a Mom

How Stronger as a Mom Developed

Tara, Alessandra and Haley are all pelvic floor physical therapists and business owners who were fortunate enough to work together in Scottsdale, AZ. After seeing so many women with similar ailments during pregnancy and postpartum and all asking the exact same question, “what kind of exercise can I do after having my baby?” they knew they needed to come up with a safe, and effective program these new mothers could do from home. They became passionate in finding a way to reduce their risk of suffering from some of the “common but not normal” ailments many new mothers seem to face.

During Haley’s pregnancy, Tara, Alessandra and she developed a strengthening program for her to follow as well as into her postpartum journey. After having a healthy delivery and optimal recovery they knew it was crucial to share this program with as many women as possible.

Course description: 

Stronger as a Mom is a fully online postpartum exercise guide created by pelvic floor physical therapists with the goal to improve the common postpartum conditions you may be suffering from including urine leakage, and diastasis recti. It is designed for all women including brand new moms to those who have been mothers for years. By purchasing this course you will feel empowered with the education and knowledge you will gain about your body from this program while safely returning back to your previous or new exercise routine. 

Program Features:

  • Program designed by Doctors of physical therapy that specialize in treating prenatal and postpartum conditions
  • A full body, online program, requiring minimal equipment and minimal time
  • Designed to improve the common postpartum conditions including peeing your pants, and diastasis recti
  • Feel empowered with the education and knowledge of your body while safely returning to exercise 
  • Get back safely to your previous or new exercise routine after this program
  • Program includes guided videos and printable PDF to follow

To preview a video of some of the exercises that our program offers click on the links below

Core Transverse abdominis (TA) with heel slide video

Mobility Thoracic  Open Book Video

Pelvic floor seated with ball video


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